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MAYR Torque Limiters Model EAS Compact-R-RA Duta Perkasa

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01 / 12 / 2019
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CV. DUTA PERKASA berpusat di Surabaya, Indonesia adalah perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang industrial supply dan solusi, produk kami terdiri dari Electric Motor, Vibrator Motor, Gear Motor, Gearbox, Coupling, Clutch & Brakes, Pumps, Chain Hoist & produk industrial lainnya.

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Detail MAYR Torque Limiters Model EAS Compact-R-RA Duta Perkasa

MAYR Torque Limiters Model EAS Compact-R-RA Duta Perkasa
Mechanical torque limiting clutches are the only reliable means of maximising the productivity and economic efficiency of machines and systems. These clutches prevent damage in case of malfunctions and collisions and therefore also expensive downtimes and repairs. In the food industry, the chemical industry and in process engineering, wet conditions, cleaning liquids and aggressive media are part of the everyday ambient conditions, which only torque limiting clutches with high-quality corrosion protection are able to withstand without any damage over
long periods of time.
Standard torque limiting clutches are normally unsuitable for such application fields. mayr ® power transmission offers various types of clutches, which are optimally suited for such application fields. The range includes open designs made of stainless steels, sealed, rustproof clutches, as well as complete, ready-tomount units with standard flanges for integration between the motor and the gearbox (see brochure EAS®-HTL Housed Torque Limiter).
- Synchronous function
- Automatic re-engagement
- Mechanical separation of input and
- output in case of overload
- Exact torque limitation due to high
- disengagement and repeat accuracies
- Permanent backlash-free
- torque transmission
- Low mass moment of inertia
- due to compact design
- Easy torque adjustment
- Long service lifetime due to hardened
- functional components
- Application of lubricants approved
- for the food industry

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